Duo Mertin-Niznik

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The duet of Holger Mertin (Germany) and Justyna Niżnik (Poland) constitutes an unorthodox combination of apparent contradictions. Contrary to common national stereotypes, in this two-person band, the Polish musician represents the structured world of rules which encompasses classical music, while the German musician brings an unrestrained frenzy of improvisation born out of the performance arts, the punk subgenre and global rhythm cultures. Let’s not be mislead by stereotypes, however, because in this combination, the musicians meet halfway − creating a unique, fresh and innovative quality in music and a new movement, overcoming fixed divisions, and rising above all audience expectations.

This unexpected fusion of forces, sounds and movements is an explosive experience previously unknown to the Polish and German music scene. It breaks away from all cliché-ridden names and patterns. The repertoire of the Mertin-Niżnik duet contains their own, original compositions as well as unique arrangements of well-known works of the great masters using the violin, looper, and various percussion instruments, which for Holger Mertin also include the floor and his own chest!

To the Duo-Website: https://mertin-niznik.com

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