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„Drums And More“, that is action and interaction, spirited playing together and passionately meeting another. The audience becomes a part of a creative podium discussion. Everything is possible. Attending a concert transforms into a stimulating event. Since 2009, I have invited personalities from various artistic fields to meet in an open, unplanned dialogue.
The points of departure are the communal joy in playing and the spontaneous development of new ideas in a live context, which always guarantee a surprising and charged result.

The instruments I play on include: Handpan, gongs, overtone drums, and Waterphone, as well as everyday objects and the objects around me in the performance space, the floor and other surfaces. The environment transforms, through this, into an instrument that I greatly enjoy playing, due to its immense freedom and generous potential for shaping.

Previous guests

Jaki Liebezeit (Can), AnnenMayKantereit, Milan Sládek (Pantomime), Hayden Chisholm (Saxophon) & Echo Ho (Electronics), Ballett of the Theaters Pforzheim, Jonas Burgwinkel (drums), Eberhard Kranemann (Ex-‚Kraftwerk‘), Sebastian Studnitzky (Trumpet, electronics), Liron Man (Hang), DJane Marcelle (Electronics), Paul Shigihara (Guitar), Ali Haurand (double bass), Justyna Niznik (Barock violin), Kirvem Davul Zurna (ost-anatolische Musik), Roland Peil (Perkussion), Maria Jonas (Gesang), Martin Sasse (piano), Florian Ross (piano), Matthias Hautsch (guitar), Qualitätsdada (Dada-Performance), Rick Kam & Phuong Tuong (dance), Nina Patricia Hänel & Philine Herrlein (dance), Raphael Mürle (figure theater), Klaus Marquardt (violin), Christoph Neuhaus (Guitar)

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