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Sound sphere:

In this workshop, we are dealing with our environment from the perspective of listening. How does our environment sound, our immediate surroundings? How do we locate ourselves in our sounding environment? How can disturbing sounds be built into and used in our own sound environment? How do urban and rural structures sound?
We research sound transformation, learn the perspective shift from “inner” to “outer listening”. We will learn to use the sound of our own bodies to play with our sounding environment, with our sound sphere.

This workshop is directed to everyone who wishes to learn to participate consciously and responsibly with their environment.


There exist workshops and working phases in divers constellations, far afield from the music and arts scene that can be gathered under the aforementioned “working instruments” and professional methods.

How can specialists from varying fields communicate with and learn from another without having to become specialists in the other fields?

What methods and formats are there so that interdisciplinary exchange can be fruitful and go beyond scratching the surface?

What needs to be considered so that musicians and dancers, or natural scientists and performing artists can develop trans-disciplinary approaches?

Which dialogs/exchange requirements must be catered so that communication flows- which prerequisite do the actors need to bring with them? What is more important: the general conditions for the communication/ and exchange, or the presumptions of the actors?

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